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What is Nutrition Response Testing, Autonomic Response Testing or Kinesiology, better known as Muscle Testing?

Both Nutrition Response Testing and Autonomic Response Testing are methods of assessing a persons health much the same as an EKG or an EEG does, by assessing the electrical current and bioenergetic (light) fields of the body. It is a simple non-invasive method of determining what is stressing your body and what strengthens it so that your body can do the work of "healing itself". 

Your body has ways it can "talk" about what's wrong with it. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body is part of an electrical communication system. That is why you can analyze your heart function with an EKG, or your brain function with an EEG.

In the same way, Nutritional Response Testing (NRT) and Autonomic Response Testing (ART) uses your electrical communication system to see what's interfering with your well-being. Anything that interferes with the body's normal electrical impulses can hinder your healing. Interferences can be:

Food sensitivities
Nutritional deficiencies
Emotional challenges
Bacterial Imbalances

NRT and ART are methods of determining what stressors are blocking your healing and in which order your body needs to address the problems. Your body's priority might be to strengthen your pancreas, but in order to do that we first need to detox it from something specific such as chemicals, then in a week or two your body may be ready to start the building process with specific nutrients. As your body repairs entirely different supplementation may be needed. 

Often there is also a limit to what your body can work on at a given time. Just like a person can become overloaded with too much on a "To Do List" in one day, your body can be given too many things to attend to by offering too many directions in the form of supplements or other modalities such as essential oils, exercise, detox saunas, emotional work, etc. All of this can rapidly change.

By closely monitoring the changes in your body we can get a great picture of what's taking place, what is helpful at a given time, and you will begin to see and understand your progress. As support is given to the body's priority, many other weak points are supported as well.

The whole point to this process is that we are listening to your body, and when your bio-individuality is supported your body can heal itself!

It is an exciting journey, and I never get tired of helping others tune in to what their body is asking for. 

If you would like to take this journey that can lead to good health, please contact me at:

Cherie Anello, NTP, CGP
"Help Your Body Heal Itself"
Services are always custom fit to your needs.  

1. Nutri-q: An online symptom survey you complete before we meet. This is an extensive nutrition questionnaire that will let you see what major organs and systems of your body are showing a need for specific nutritional support, nutrients you are showing a need for, and a graph that allows you to see areas of priority. 

2. Nutrition Response testing and Autonomic Response Testing: These are method of determining what major organs and systems of the body are weak, and what will strengthen them using neurological reflexes, acupuncture points, and bioenergetic fields.

3. Lingual-Neuro Testing: A method of determining what major organs and systems of the body are weak, and what will strengthen them using using neurological pathways linking organs and senses, organs and glands, and organs and muscles. 

4. One-on-one instruction. Since we are all biochemical individuals our unique needs mean that the diet and supplements that work for you may not work very well for me. Each persons has a need to start with a priority "Red Light" issue to support and build health. My office visits are centered around your unique needs and a designed clinical program that helps you make changes one step at a time. What foods do I eat? How much do I eat? How do I prepare them? What supplements should I take? When do I take supplements? These answers are not always the same for everyone.  

​5. GAPS Certified Practitioner: A diet approach to health designed to specifically heal the gut through traditional whole foods. GAPS stands for Gut and Physiology/Psychology Syndrome, as there is a direct relationship not only to physiology, but psychological problems such as depression and schizophrenia. The GAPS diet has been used for relief from a wide variety of health issues such as allergies, bowel diseases, arthritis, and more.

​6. Cold Laser Sessions: Low Level Laser Light is being used as a successful option for pain and inflammation in countless conditions all over the world. It has been used of over 35 years in many countries. The first cold laser received FDA clearance in the US in 2002. Light therapy is being used by Governmental agencies such as NASA for treating medical conditions in space applications. The U.S. Olympic training facilities have released statements of endorsement of laser therapy for athletes. Cold lasers are used by the NBA and NHL sports teams. Laser light delivers required electrons and photons (little energy packets) directly to the cells and enhances both their ability to communicate with each other and ability to produce ATP (chemical energy), which they require for optimal functioning. Additionally, this causes the release of anti-inflammatory enzymes and the production of endorphins, or natural pain-killers and mood elevators. The laser I use employs different spectrums of light: Red, Infra Red, Violet, and Scalar. Non-invasive and drug free.