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Is Your Check Engine Light On?

That flashing red light
on your car's dashboard
goes off when something
is wrong. It tells you to
look under the hood.
Your body does the
same thing. 

Do you have acid reflux,
insomnia, sugar cravings,
low energy, hypoglycemia, allergies, or other nagging symptoms? Maybe your symptoms are more blaring such as dyslexia, A.D.H.D., schizophrenia, depression, dyslexia, diabetes. These are your body’s flashing red light. It’s time to take a look under the hood.

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I work with you one on one to help you figure out just what your body needs to stop that flashing light. 

When you give your body what it really needs, it can heal itself. 

Why come see me?

Every practitioner starts with an underlying belief system which directs how they work with clients. The common approach by most practitioners today, whether they are traditional or alternative in their training, is to look at one symptom and find something that makes that symptom go away. The magic "pill for every ill" approach.  I believe when you give your body traditional whole foods and  targeted whole food supplements, your body is designed to take specific god-given nutrients and repair itself. 

​This means that overall stamina, energy and long-term health are increased and amazingly many symptoms seem to disappear. 

We are all biochemical individuals. The"one-size-fits-all"  RDA approach of today does not address our needs as individuals. I do.

My training as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, a Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner (GAPS), and in both Nutrition Response Testing and Autonomic Response Testing, allows me to customize a health approach to your needs, and give you the tools to direct and maintain your own health.  
Cherie Anello
 Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Certified GAPS Practitioner
"Help Your Body Heal Itself"

​Client Testimonials
   Cherie has been very influential in my life and her services have been worth every penny. I originally went to Cherie about one year ago to address two main problems; chronic digestion issues and unstable blood sugar.
  For years, I had problems digesting food and experienced embarrassing gas. I initially went to my primary medical provider at Group Health with a detailed food journal. My group health physician spent a whopping thirty seconds glancing at my food journal and suggested I fast, then add one food at a time to see which food triggered the problem. I then gently reminded her that I was hypoglycemic (which was well documented in my medical records) and that fasting was not wise for someone who already struggled with low blood sugar. She had no other alternative to suggest.
  This is where Cherie came into the picture. I brought my detailed food journal in to our first appointment and within minutes she identified the likely culprit to my problems, too much soy. Within a few days of eliminating soy products from my diet my chronic digestion problems were gone! Absolutely gone!
  From there, Cherie has helped me stabilize my blood sugar. I no longer "crash" during the day with that panicked, can't even think, low blood sugar feeling. Again, my conventional doctors for the last ten years had simply told me to eat every few hours and to include adequate protein. Cherie took things a whole new level and helped get my pancreas working properly again. She also educated me about the importance of the right kind of fats and fiber. It's been wonderful and has greatly improved my overall sense of being.
  Finally, the last thing we discovered together is that I had a food sensitivity to gluten. I've eliminated gluten from my diet for about 75 days now and have lost 8 pounds. I struggled for years to lose weight and am finally shedding those last 10 - 15 pounds that never seemed to go away. It seems that the food sensitivity was the barrier to my body being able to lose weight. I'm thrilled and jumping for joy over this discovery.
  Bottom line is that Cherie's services are a wonderful supplement to any total wellness program. Whether you have a lot of health issues, or just want to improve overall quality of health, she's worth it!

Teresa Pederson
Steilacoom, WA
About a year ago I had a heart attack, which set me on a path of learning more about good health and nutrition. I have learned so much working with Cherie Anello. My recent test results indicate that the work I have been doing with Cherie is really benefitting me: my numbers are good, my heart seems healthy and I am learning to reduce inflammation on an on-going basis. 

One thing I appreciate about Cherie's work is that she looks at each person very individually. She doesn't treat people as "cogs in a wheel" and she doesn't just recommend her favorite foods or supplements, as if everyone needs exactly the same thing. She emphasizes that each person is unique and their health and nutrition needs differ one from the other. This makes me feel like whatever she recommends hits just the spot that needs to be hit! 

John Rice
Pleasant Hills, OR
     I first went to see Cherie for Digestion issues, particularly nausea and feeling fatigue. I also wanted to get more nutrition from my food.

     Cherie helped me change my eating habits and I feel great. Pain in my joints and muscles has decreased. My stamina has increased. My appetite for good foods has increased, and I don't have low blood sugar crashes now. I just don't get that shaky, weak feeling anymore. She brought to my attention gluten intolerance, which I now realize added a lot of stress and anxiety to my life. The nausea, which was an ongoing problem, is gone.

     And, one of the nicest, unexpected benefits is that I have lost weight!

Rosa Jimenez
Massage Therapist, Eugene Oregon
 ​  It is a pleasure to recommend Cherie Anello for nutritional therapy. If you are interested in improving your health and quality of life, Cherie can help.
  I have appreciated Cherie's extensive knowledge in the area of nutrition and healthy eating practices. Her patience was essential as I adjusted my old ways of thinking about food and bad eating habits. She made recommendations and gently guided me as I made the transition towards a achieving a balanced diet and changing the way I think about the quality of food I put into my body. Within a few weeks, my sleep improved and my stamina increased. Friends commented that I looked better - and I did! Not only does Cherie educate with her expertise, she backs it up with reliable data that I found most helpful. I am a believer that our individual body knows what's best. Through Kinesiology, Cherie was able to listen to my body and prescribe what my system needed in order to get me back on track as a healthier human being.
  I just turned fifty and I wanted to be sure I could look forward to a quality of life as I continue through the aging process. it was not long that I saw results and now I think before I eat. I am much more knowledgeable of how my body works and how to nurture it with the right combination of healthy foods. I would encourage anyone who is considering getting the most out of life to work with Cherie Anello to understand how to make changes that will improve your health and wellbeing; ultimately improving your quality of life.

Satisfied Client
 My first visit to see Cherie was March of 2008. I was having terrible heartburn. It turned out to be acid reflux! It seemed almost unbearable. Each time I visited she faithfully checked to be sure the supplements she suggested for me were doing their job in helping my body deal with the heartburn. As time went on there were a few changes in supplements that would work better than those first used. Along with supplements I was given dietary information that has been of great benefit. Eating right is the best cure for this problem. I believe the problem would disappear if would do as advised and eat more veggies. However, there is MUCH IMPROVEMENT. I praise the Lord for the knowledge, wisdom and understanding He has given Cherie.

In addition there have been several times she noticed other symptoms of things I had not recognized myself. Recognizing these at the onset and supplementing appropriately alleviated a cold or infection later on. She has been very thorough and informative; answering questions and providing dietary daily food suggestions as well as having me keep a written account of meals for the week.

I highly recommend her services. The supplements are all natural and not harmful to the body. God has taught her much of which I am so thankful. The natural way beats taking medications, many with side effects worse than the problem itself.

Judy Salo
Puyallup, WA
Hi, my name is Sandy and I have been seeing Cherie Anello for several years now. During this time I have received better understanding about my diabetes, sugar handling, how fermented foods help my gut in healing, better diet and how to prepare some foods a better way for better health. I have dropped my A1C (which is an overall blood sugar over a period of about 3 months) from 11.3% down to 7.8 % in 4 months! Without Cherie's help I would still be struggling to get my A1C down. Cherie's supplements are top of the line in quality and really work far better than any other supplements I have tried from grocery stores. I have energy now and do not need a daily nap, where as before I was taking daily naps of up to 2 hours or more a day on some days. I am also getting a much better and more restful sleep at night now. She has been spot on, on with the supplements that will work for me.

I prefer supplements over any synthetic medications because I do not have to worry about the side affects that can come with prescribed medications. Cherie is a great place to start healing your body from the inside out. If you want true healing and not just a band-aid come and see Cherie!

Sandy Pokorney
Oakridge, OR